Our hiking trails and wine-tour

Geoffroy Béziat is a professional guide, by foot and by bike. He suggests guided half day or whole day hikes, your level and according to your expectations. Here you can find some trails you can do with him, but we are listening to your wishes to find the perfect trail for you.

Hikes can be done by Walking or with e-bike.

Let’s discover the most beautiful trails in Hérault, not far from La Caminaira. Tiny village like Saint-Guilhem-le-Désert, Pic-Saint-Loup mountain, Buèges river, Navacelles circus or Salagou Lake, sure your journey starts just here !

Level for trails :
1/5 Very easy, short trails for family 
2/5 Easy, to discover hike
3/5 Medium : occasionnal hikers and bikers, trails with slight drop
4/5 Difficult : regular hikers and bikers, stony path and possible steep ascent 
5/5 Very difficult : for sportsmen and sportswomen, steep ascent and paths or vertigo-exposed trails

Guided hikes

In a small group, from 4 to 12 people, you hike with your guide Geoffroy.

Duration : approximatly between 2 and 4 hours for half day and betwenn 4 and 7 hours for a whole day

What we suggest :

Hiking #1 Buèges valley

Best to see: the small village of Saint Jean de Buège and its river, very charming place

Half day hike
Level: 4/5
Place of departure : sources of the river Buèges, the is a car park, Hameau du Méjanel (Pégairolles-de-Buèges)
Kms : 8 kms
Elevation: 700+
Duration: 4h

Hiking #2 Pic Saint Loup climb

Best to see: mythical summit in the area, 360 degree wiew, until the sea to the north, and Cevennes mountains to the south

Half day hike
Place of departure: village of Cazevieille, car park
Kms : 5 kms
Elevation: 300+
Duration: 3h
We can also do the whole loop of the mountain in a day, and go to the Jasse lake.

Hiking #3 Arches’ ravin

Best to see : view on the Pic-Saint-Loup, and you hike into the canyon to go to the Herault river

Half day hike
Level: 2/5
Place of departure:  car park named “Masclac” 2.5 kms far from St Martin de Londres.
Kms : 6 kms
Elevation : 130+
Duration : 2h

Hiking #4 Saint-Guilhem le Désert and Infernet Circus

Best to see : one of the most beautiful hike in the area, you can see the small village of Saint-Guilhem and have a view in the circus

Half day hike
Level: 4/5
Place of departure : Saint-Guilhem-le-Désert village
Kms : 10 kms
Elevation: 715+
Duration : 3h30

Hiking #5 Saint-Baudille’s Peak

Best to see: panoramic view on the valley

Half day hike
Level: 3/5
Place of departure: car park in the sheepfold named “Font-du-Griffe”
Kms: 11 kms
Elevation 545+
Duration: 4h

Hiking #6 Liausson Mount and Mourèze Circus

Best to see : a view of two wonderful places, the Moureze circus with its rockes and the Salagou lake with red sand opposed to the blue lake. Just magical

what we love here : after the hike, you can swim in the lake !

Half day hike
Level: 3/5
Place of departure : village of Liausson
Kms : 9 kms
Elevation: 400+
Duration: 3h30

Hiking #7 The rock of the vinyard – village of Saint-Guilhem-le-Désert

Best to see: cave named “Baume du Cellier” and old dwelling houses

Whole day hike

Level: 4/5
Place of departure: car park located after the water dam on Herault river next the village of Saint-Guilhem-le-Désert
Kms : 13 kms
Elevation: 650+
Duration: 5h

Hiking #8 Withe Rock: summit of Séranne Mountain

Best to see : you are on the highest summit of Seranne moutain, so get a look on the panoramic view !

Whole day hike
Level: 4/5
Place of departure: car park on the sanctuary named “Notre-Dame-du-Suc”, near from the village Brissac
Kms : 16 kms
Elevation: 760+
Duration: 6h

Hiking #9 The Ranc de banes in Sumène

Best to see : Panoramic view ont the Mount Aigoual and area named “Cevennes”

Whole day hike
Level: 5/5
Place of departure: village of Sumène on the car park near the tennis court
Kms : 16 kms
Elevation: 880+
Duration: 5h30

Hiking #10 Navacelles Circus

Best to see : Navacelles circus takes part of UNESCO World Heritage, it’s a hike inside the circus with a stop on the Vis river and the mill. Just magical !

Whole day hike
Level: 4/5
Place of departure: car park in the village of Navacelles
Kms: 17 kms
Elevation: 650+
Duration: 6h30

Hiking #11 Devil canyon and Two Virgins Rock

Best to see : a walk under red paths, into devil canyon to go falls and green hills (Two Virgins). Unexpected !

Half day hike
Level: 3/5
Place of departure: near the village of Saint-Saturnin-de-Lucian
Kms: 8.5 Km
Elevation: 380+
Duration: 3h30

Hiking #12 Hortus Crests

Best to see : panoramic view ont the Pic-Saint-Loup mountain and Vivioures castle ruins

Whole day hike
Level: 3/5
Place of departure: car park near the cave Hortus
Kms: 8km
Elevation: 400+
Duration: 4h

Guided hikes with electric bikes (e-bikes)

E-bike-hike #1 From Hérault to Saint-Guilhem Mount

Best to see : Saint-Guilhem mounts and « Max Nègre » point of view, Montpeyroux castle and Herault river.

Half day tour
Level : 3/5
Place of departure : Saint Jean de Fos
Kms: 22.5 kms
Elevation: 560+
Duration : 3-4h

E-bike-hike #2 Salagou Lake

Best to see : perfect place to ride a bike ! a loop around the lake, you can also stop to swim !

Half-day tour
Level: 3/5
Place of departure : near the lake – Clermont-l’Hérault city
Kms: 28kms
Elevation: 550+
Duration : 3-4h

Wine Tour

A wine-tour is a fantastic experience to meet winegrowers in their wine cellar, after a hike in the most beautiful vineyard places of the area. Let’s be guided by a local guide during the hike, who is talking to you about History, Geology, Flora and Faune, and Heritage of places. Next you’ll meet a winegrowers who will open the doors of his cellar. You can taste wine and learn all about oenology.

All the professional people, the guide and winegrowers, work together with a quality label named “Vignobles & Découverte”. They gather their knowing to make your day unforgettable, and offer you a genuine experience.

With family or friends, for events or a day in your stay, wine-tour is an essential activity to discover South of France.

Hera are our wine-tours :

Wine Tour#1 From Causse-de-la-Selle to the Buèges Valley

Place of departure: Guest-House La Caminaira at Causse de la Selle
Level : 3/5
Kms : 11.5Km
Elevation : 260+
Duration: half-day

Wine Tour#2 Buèges Valley

Place of departure: Car park in Hameau de la Buège, near the village of Saint-Jean-de-Buèges

Level: 4/5
Kms: 11km
Elevation: 660+
Duration: half-day

Wine Tour#3: Le Pic-Saint-Loup

Place of departure: Car park in the city of Saint-Mathieu-de-Tréviers.
Level: 3/5
Kms: 8km
Elevation: 520+
Duration: half-day

New ! Wine tours with E-bikes ! ! !

Bike and Wine tour #1: From Causse-de-la Selle to the Buèges Valley

Place of departure: Guest House La Caminaira at Causse de la Selle
Level: 3/5
Kms: 23km
Elevation: 350+
Duration: half-day

Bike and Wine tour#2: Au cœur du Grand Pic Saint loup

Place of departure: Parking à Saint Mathieu de Tréviers
Level : 3/5
Kms:  from 22 to 28 kms.
Elevation: between 230 et 320+.
Duration: half-day (one cellar) or whole day (several cellars) 

Bike and Wine tour#3: La garrigue de Saint-Gély

Place of departure : Car park in the city of Saint Gely du Fesc
Level : 3/5
Kms: 20km
Elevation: 350+
Duration: half-day

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